Frequently Asked Questions

How much can the Trailer Gear Box Lift?

The Trailer Gear Box is meant to replace a person and not rated by weight. If you can hand crank your trailer loaded, Then the trailer gear box will be able to lift it.

What is the Difference Between the Trailer Gearbox and The Trailer Gearbox Multi Mount?

The Main Difference is the Footprint of the box itself. The Original Trailer Gearbox has a footprint of 6 x 8 while the Multi Mount has a footprint of 4 x 6. This smaller size allows the Multi mount to be mounted on more applications then the original.

What is The Warranty?

The Trailer Gearbox comes with a limited lifetime warranty, while the Multi Mount carries a 5 year limited warranty. The newest Gearbox, The Polymer Multi Mount, comes with a 1 year limited warranty. For all warranty questions please refer to our terms and conditions page.

Which Trailer Gearbox do I need to fit my Trailer?

While we try to make a product that is universal to all trailers, we realize that most manufacturers vary slightly. We please ask, if you have questions about fitment, that you take some photos of your trailer where the handle and jacks are and email them to Jim@trailergearbox.com. He will be able to help from there.

What tool do I use?

We recommend using any cordless drill 20 Volts and up. Please refrain from using an impact or hammer drill as they will break your gear box.

Are you accepting dealers currently?

Anyone with dealer inquires, please email us at sales@trailergearbox.com.

What are the gear Ratios of the Trailer Gearboxes?

The Gearboxes have both a light load and a heavy load. The original Trailer Gearbox’s Light load is 5-1 while the heavy load is 11-1. The Multi Mount’s Light load is 3-1 while its heavy load is 11-1