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The Speed Turtle GearBox is a patent pending, precision manufactured, solid billet cased, torque amplifying, gearbox.  The GearBox has a 3 to 1 gear reduction ratio, for light or heavy loads to get the job done faster, and to effortlessly raise or lower your trailer.

One hundred percent designed and made in the USA. The Speed Turtle is specifically made for the common 2-1/2” round jacks with a 1/2″ shaft coming out of the top.

The GearBox uses a hardened 3/4″ custom made bolt to couple the GearBox to any 18V or higher drill via an included socket adaptor and your 3/4″ six point socket.


Warranty Information:

The Speed Turtle GearBox is backed by a 1 year warranty. For more information on our warranty policy please refer to our Terms and Conditions Page

*Warning use of Hammer Drill or Impact will void warranty*


What’s included:

1- Speed Turtle GearBox

1- Speed Turtle Clamp

1- Socket Adapter

1- Grease Pack


Instructions for use:

*Warning use of Hammer Drill or Impact will void warranty*

Chock the tires on your trailer before installing the Speed Turtle Gearbox and anytime that it is not hooked up to a tow vehicle, even if the ground appears flat. This will keep the trailer from moving during installation and when parked. To install the Turtle Gearbox the trailer must be supported by the jack and not the tow vehicle. If it is hooked to a tow vehicle and the jack is not cranked down to the ground, the center section of the jack will fall out when you remove the handle.

Once the jack is cranked down enough to firmly touch the ground, remove the crank handle. Retain it and its screw in case you need to remove the gearbox at a later date.

Remove the top half of the gearbox and remove the big gear from the bottom half of the gearbox. Leave the clamp mount attached to the bottom half of the gearbox. Make sure the mount is pulled all of the way open to allow it to go over the top of the jack column. If there is excessive welding at the top of the jack column you may have to remove the clamps screws to get the gearbox to sit on top of the jack. 

Put the lower half of the gearbox and its clamp mount on top of the jack so the input shaft sticking out of the top of the jack comes through the gearbox. Put the steel pin through the hole in the jack’s input shaft where the handles bolt was. Raise the gearbox until it almost touches the pin and tighten the two bolts in the clamp. Once tight, make sure there is a slight gap between the pin and the bottom of the gearbox. The less the better, like a sheet of paper or three, but it should have some.

Once you have confirmed that the pin is almost touching the bottom of the gearbox and the two outside clamp bolts are tight, tighten the 4 bolts that join the bottom half of the gearbox to the clamp mount. Once those are tightened, liberally grease the bottom of the gearbox with the included grease or use your favorite wheel bearing/axle grease. Drop the big gear over the shaft with the pin in it and grease the gear teeth well. Put the top half of the gearbox on the lower half. It should have a small gear on a shaft that you may have to turn slightly to align with the teeth in the big gear. Once the top half is on, install the four bolts that join the top and bottom.

Put your 3/4″ socket on the included drill adaptor and use your drill to raise or lower your trailer. Do not raise higher than you need to go so you don’t bottom out the jack. ALWAYS use some clutch with your drill instead of using it fully locked to prevent damage if you bottom it out. Do NOT use an impact gun or hammer drill or you will break the small gear.

Please watch out videos on Tic Toc and or Youtube showing the above.

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