The Trailer Safe Lock


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For Those serious about keeping what they own

*Made for Trailers using 5 position (six holes per side) coupler mounting channels only*

The Trailer Safe lock is made for trailers with removable couplers that mount in a channel. Before The Trailer Safe lock these trailers were very difficult to lock because nearly all locks that came before it locked to the coupler, and most do not even do that well.

Most coupler locks can be removed with a cordless angle grinder nearly as fast as with the key. Even putting one of the high-quality locks on the coupler does not slow down a thief much, they can simply unbolt the coupler, bolt on a new one and be on their way in under 60 seconds without making any noise.

A thief needs to be either fast, or quiet to be successful. If you use ordinary locks on your adjustable coupler, he can be fast AND quiet when he steals your trailer and everything you have on or in it.

The Trailer Safe lock goes in place of your coupler and secures to your trailers welded on channel like a vault door. It uses four, 5/8″ stainless steel locking pins and an internal 7/8″ stainless steel locking bar to hold it in place. The Safes body is made from a large, solid piece of billet aluminum, to encase the locking pins and bars.

The Lock cylinder is a Cobra 7 vending machine lock. These are extremely pick resistant and offer upgraded security vs “ordinary” high security vending machine locks. These locks are why thieves smash up vending machines instead of trying to defeat the lock. We placed the key lock at the bottom of the Trailer Safe, so it is not even accessible to a thief if he wanted to try to attack it.

*Available in Black or Blue Anodizing*

*If you need multiple locks keyed alike, please email us at sales@trailergearbox.com*

What’s included:

1- Trailer Safe Lock Body Assembly

1- Cobra 7 Vending Machine Lock


4- Locking Pins


Warranty Information:

The Trailer Safe Lock is backed by a 5 year Limited warranty. For more information on our warranty policy please refer to our Terms and Conditions Page

*Warning Lost Pins are not covered under warranty*


Instructions For Use:

Please watch the video below.



Additional information

Weight 8.25 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 4 × 4 in

Black, Blue


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