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Experience a new era of trailer handling with the SuperMax Heavy Duty Gear Box. This innovative solution, proudly crafted in the USA, promises unparalleled convenience and efficiency for every trailer hauler.

Bid farewell to back-breaking labor and manual cranking – the SuperMax boasts a patent-pending design that effortlessly raises and lowers your trailer’s landing gear with the simple power of a cordless drill. With multiple gear reductions resulting in an impressive 14 to 1 ratio, making operation virtually effortless.

The SuperMax’s single-drive mechanism further enhances its user-friendliness, ensuring seamless operation without the need for complex maneuvers. Crafted from premium billet aluminum, this gear box is incredibly durable, built to withstand the toughest conditions on the road.

But the benefits don’t end there. With its quick attach-and-detach system, only one SuperMax box is needed per tow vehicle, eliminating the need for dedicated units for each trailer. This not only saves you valuable time but also significantly reduces costs, making it a smart investment for both professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Elevate your trailer experience today with the SuperMax.


Warranty Information:

The Trailer GearBox SuperMax is backed by a 5 year warranty. For more information on our warranty policy please refer to our Terms and Conditions Page

*Warning use of Hammer Drill or Impact will void warranty*


What’s included:

1- Trailer GearBox Super Max

1-Universal Mounting Bracket

1-Socket Adapter

Instructions for use:

*Warning use of Hammer Drill or Impact will void warranty*

Before using your Trailer GearBox SuperMax, raise the trailer all of the way up until it stops. Once it is all of the way up, clean the lower section of the jack and apply the included yellow and red “Stop” sticker just below the top section as shown. This gives you a warning when you are close to bottoming out your jacks travel. It is important that you do not bottom out the jack since it can cause damage to the jack, Trailer GearBox SuperMax or your drill. Lower the trailer back down until it covers the sticker. When you raise the trailer up using the Trailer GearBox SuperMax, seeing “Yellow” means caution. As soon as you see any of the red sticker, stop raising it up. Use the clutch on your cordless drill set only as high as needed to raise the trailer without slipping. This will help prevent any damage if the jack is bottomed out. It is good practice to place 2×6 wood or similar under the trailer jack to support and distribute the weight evenly especially on soft ground. Using enough wood helps from having to raise the trailer as far to uncouple it from your tow vehicle. Make sure you chock the tires on your trailer before uncoupling, even on apparently flat ground.

The Trailer GearBox SuperMax attaches to your trailer’s jack by removing the jack handle and sliding it over the shaft. Replace the bolt that holds the handle or use the supplied pin and you are done! You may have to file off excessive paint and any burs left from the old bolt to install your Trailer GearBox SuperMax if it won’t easily slip over the shaft.

To use the Trailer GearBox SuperMax to raise or lower your trailer, use a socket adaptor (Included) with a 3/4″socket and use the power of the drill to effortlessly raise or lower the trailer.

The use of the Trailer GearBox SuperMax greatly reduces the fatigue of the operator and reduces the likelihood of shoulder and elbow injuries caused by hand cranking.

For longer life of your Trailer GearBox SuperMax, remove the 6 bolts, open the case and grease the gears with a good quality grease. This should be done every 6 months with heavy use, yearly with light use.

Additional information

Weight 8.5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 6 in


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